I 'found' the guitar in my father's closet one day...

The overnight success that is Dupage Rock School actually is more than forty years in the making. Back in the 1970's -when I was a kid - I was searching around the house where I was not supposed to be and I found this 1930'S Regal guitar in my father's closet. That moment set off a lifetime journey that continues today. 

I grabbed that guitar (without permission) and learned 'Smoke on the Water'. I shouldn't say just rolled off my fingers like it did to thousands of other kids. We were hooked.

Next, you take the guitar out to the backyard to impress your buddies. Better yet, you play to impress the girls. Gary Richrath from REO Speedwagon was an early influence. Then came Eddie Van Halen...then it was off to the races. There were many great great guitarists and bands from the 60's and 70's. Something magical was happening.

After a while, and I mean a short while, Smoke on the Water isn't enough. Before you know's forty years later and you know thousands of songs. 

After graduating from Western Illinois University in 1988, I worked in Fortune 500 retail as a Risk Manager. On the suggestion of a friend, I started offering guitar lessons in 1990 in my spare time for fun. Word of mouth brought me more and more students.  By 1995, I began to teach music full time. in business since 1990.

For the last thirty years I have taught one-on-one private music lessons and rock band group lessons. With Dupage Rock School at 495 Randy Roads in Carol Stream, we will continue the journey

As we lead into 2020 and beyond, that one guitar has proven to be a keeper. It's amazing to me how the simplest of things can have complex and fruitful results.

If my father never touched that guitar and felt it's power, you would not be reading this...

Here's to our musical journey! Let's go forward in joy! Good times and good music.




REGAL PARLOR GUITAR 1930's. Chicago Manufacturer

REGAL PARLOR GUITAR 1930's. Chicago Manufacturer